Product Code: 26000-001

Passenger footrest relocation – silver


Fits Models R1200 GS – 2012 | R1200 GS Adv. – 2013

For many passengers, even short journey can be torture: The legs have to bend too far and the trousers fold in the hollow of the knee. These adapters lower the rearfootrestsby 60 mm (~2.4), creating a sitting position that is relaxed and comfortable, even over long distances. Milled from aluminium and anodised silver. Delivery includes all necessary fastening parts. Nothing needs to be changed on the original holder, no functions are affected and the BMW system cases fit without any limitations.

The facts:

  • Significantly more relaxed sitting position.
  • Noticeably reduced knee angle.
  • Original footrests are retained.
  • CNC precision machined of high quality aluminium and anodised silver.
  • Minimized weight.
  • TV approved.
  • Made in Germany.


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