Product Code: 31960-101

Oil cooler grill – black/silver


Fits Models R1200 R 2011 – 2014

Theoil cooleron theR 1200 Ris positioned in exactly the place required by air flow, although a consequence of this is that dirt converges on it from all angles. Stone chips, dead flies and other detritus accumulate in its fine ribbing. Cleaning it is very difficult and requires a lot of manual work. The fine-mesh stainless steelcooler protection grillprovides effective protection for the cooler and ensures optimal long-term cooling air flow. Its also an optical highlight: the black cooler surfaces disappear and the cooler aperture itself is emphasized to impressive effect.

The facts:

  • Best protection and best appearance.
  • Blocks potential damage from reaching cooler.
  • Lasercut frame made of extreme temperature resistant ABS plastic (eliminating flapping etc.)
  • Anti vibration mounting points.
  • Strong high pressure bonding between mesh and frame.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Complete with fitting material (scratch protection, bracket etc.)

Our tip: Its easy to remove accumulated fly squash with a damp cloth. Just lay the cloth against the grill for 30 minutes to allow the moisture to permeate the dirt for ease of removal.

Easy to fit. Comes complete with detailed fitting instructions.


The grill is not uisable in combination with the Carbon oil cooler cover.


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