Product Code: 21170-000

Navigation bracket


Fits R1200 RT – 2009

Finally thenavigation deviceis positioned so that itcan be seen. The rider does not have to turn his head away from the road ahead, and in tight traffic situations the device is only a quick glance away.

Standard navigation brackets attached to the upper fork clamp are often in the way of tank bags, and can make access to the ignition lock quite difficult.

The Facts:

  • Device is always in the field of view of rider.
  • Easier and safer navigation.
  • Easier access and operation of device.
  • Adjustable inclination angle.
  • Easy to fit, no drilling etc. required.
  • Lightweightanodised aluminium.
  • Versatile: Can be used with TomTom Rider I II * IV, BMW Navigator, all devices using a claw adapter,Garmin ZUMOor anyPDA(in combination with our Mediabag), photo cameras, cam corders…
  • Sold with complete fitting kit for easy installation.
  • Made in Germany.

It may not look so from the outside, but we put a lot of work into this part to make the installation easy to do,
withouthaving todrillorcutany part of the motorcycle.


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