Product Code: 45051-700

Left induction pipe cover – carbon


Fits R nineT 2017 – | Pure | Racer | Scrambler | Urban GS

The induction pipe cover for the BMW RnineT was made completely of pre-preg material in accordance with the newest guidelines in autoclaves and in the next step – as is standard with us – covered with a plastic cover to protect against impacts on the environment. This plastic covering exceeds the customary clear lacquer covering in the protective effect, scratch resistance, and durability to a large degree. But the covering does not only score technically, it also clearly underscores the three-dimensional effect of the carbon structure.

Carbon components are not only noticeably lighter and impress with a great look, but they’re also significantly sturdier than GFK parts. They don’t wear through as quickly and don’t break as quickly as GFK, thus protecting the vehicle parts beneath much better.


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