Product Code: 28440-002

LED park light P-Marker black

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The penetratingly brightLEDposition lights make the bike look bigger and the visibility to other road users is greatly enhanced, which means that motorcycles arespottedconsiderably earlier. This is a major contribution to safety because, ever since daytime orlow beam lightshave been allowed during the day for cars, attention to motorcycle riders has diminished.

The P-Marker lights are attached to the MicroFlooter bracket in just a few steps and provide light in place of the original parking light.

Note:Can only be used in conjunction with ourMicroFlooterauxiliary lights.

For all MicroFlooters*
* The lamps are road legal (E approved) in Germany. Please check the law regarding additional lights in your country.

Please note: additional marker light must not be used with original position light in the main head lamp. Just remove the original bulb of the position light, in order to use the vehicle in the road traffic.

On vehicles with CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network) the Parking killer 39460-000 is needed, on vehicles with standard daytime driving lights must be used the Switch packet 28361-100.


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