Product Code: 32100-001

Hugger – carbon

Fits Models F800 GT | F800 S | F800 ST

Completeprotectionfor the rear shock, the exhaust system/collector and the sub-frame area. This prevents dirt, rain or mud from penetrating into the depths of the technical parts. The rear shock is perfectly protected and is not longer subject to the penetration of dirt. A must for anyone who loves their F and taking passengers – and who does not want to keep cleaning until their fingers bleed. This high-quality carbon-fibre protector also serves to integrate the drive-belt guard into the rear of the bike, thus creating a uniformly sporty unit. Quick, easy and safe to fit.

Made out of a high-tensilecarbon-fibrehybrid material that is unmatched in respect of strength and lightness. Comes with a glossy rigid plastic protective coating (serves to emphasise the 3D structure).


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