Product Code: 43951-002

Heat protection R 1200/1250 GS right – black


Fits R1200 GS LC | R1250 GS

Heat protection

This useful heat protection is the ideal solution to close the gap between driver`s footrest and co-drivers footrest. On wet ground, a lot of dirt and water is splashed through this exposed opening directly to the right passenger leg. Our effective cover closes this gap and protects reliably leg and a big part of the right GS-side. In addition, the heat protection covers the exposed placed sound flap mechanism.

The facts:

  • Easy mounting.
  • High-quality, ultra-lightweight ABS plastic.
  • Scratch-resistant and very stable.
  • Black dyed through.
  • Protection against dirt, wet and heat.
  • Effective protection of the sound flap mechanism.


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