Product Code: 31500-001

ERGO footrest lowering passenger

Fits K1200 GT – 2005 | K1200 RS

Thisfootrest loweringset makes it possible to adopt an ergonomically favourable rider posture. The lowering leads to a relaxed riding experience.

Say goodbye tocramped legsand hello to afresh senseofunitywith the vehicle. The bike benefits from vastly improved cornering, adding significantly to long-distance comfort.
The footrests are both lowered and repositioned slightly to the front. CNC machined out of anodised aluminium.

The product comes with all the necessary mounting parts. Theres no need to alter the original bracket, no
loss of function (the footpeg can be folded away as before), and theBMW-system panniers can be used as
freely as before.


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