Product Code: 20290-002

DualSport windscreen – dark tint


Fits Models: F800 R – 2014

AdjustableSport-Touring screen

Thisscreengives theF 800 Ra new appearance and improved wind protection. Now you will have the choice between a sport screen and a touring screen, changeable with minimal effort. TheSport screenattaches on top of the original painted fly screen or the originalBMW clear Sport screen.

This is an aerodynamic masterpiece that fits well with the overall design and appearance of theF 800 R. The overall adjustment range is 60mm (2-3/8) and in the lowest setting the top of the screen is already 10cm (~ 4) taller than the clearBMW Sport screenand in the high position, 16cm (6-1/4) so that a suitable position can be selected for most riders and conditions. The fact that this screen lays over the top of the original creates a channel through which the oncoming air can flow. This is a benefit in managing the airflow with minimal turbulence and buffeting.

Made of 3mm thick Polycarbonate material. A lightweight, powder coated support bracket is included.


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