Product Code: 23940-100

BAAS Bikestart


Fits all models

It is almost impossible tojump starta BMW, or you can only do so by running the considerable risk of causing a short circuit. Thats why this system is an enormous relief and a safety benefit at the same time.
Simply connect the jump-start cable to the socket and the large crocodile clamps can be connected to a suitable
donor – or even vice versa. The original socket would go up in flames if you tried to jump start the bike from it, which is why this independent system was developed (not compatible with original 12V sockets).
To connect up other electrical devices separate plugs and sockets are available separately. Once installed, you
have access to the battery without the need to remove a tank or fairing parts. Made in Germany.

Bikestart-Set – Complete jump-start set.

  • Complete socket fitting (Art. 20180-000).
  • Jump-start cable (Art. 23960-100).


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