Product Code: 24100-000

Adapter for BMW socket No Cable


Fits all Models with a power outlet

Theunlimited freedomto operate or charge any device on your BMW! Yourmobile phone,GPS deviceor12-Volt razorcan now be easily connected to theBMW socket.
No more guessing whether the battery will last until you get to the nearest mains socket.
For safety reasons, the load on the adapter is limited to8 Amps(=96 Watts at 12 Volts). For an even higher load, we generally recommend the Bike-Start system. Some of the adapters are fitted with extension cables, as in our experience fixed adapters are suitable for stationary use
and you can accommodate the sensitive connections (charge plug, etc) safely.
Note: the BMW socket corresponds to the general standard socket in accordance with DIN ISO 4165.


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