Product Code: 30880-000

Acerbis DualRoad hand protector kit


Fits models F700 GS |F800 GS |K1200 R | K1300 R | R1200 R – 2014

A new design element and minimally proportioned hand protector for your BMW. TheseAcerbis hand guardsoffer excellent weather protection for your hands and they feature improved temperature control: Wind, cold and rain are effectively restrained and conversely, your hands are shielded from heat in high temperatures.

Thesehand protectorsare only connected at the end of the handlebars, essentially replacing the bar end weights. They look sharp and enhance not only your comfort level, but also your bikes appearance.

The kit is supplied complete with left and right protectors, and also model specific attachment hardware. Thehand protectorsare very easy to install.

Please note the following:

Because they are only attached at one end, thesehand guardsshould be considered protection from the weather elements and not necessarily optimal protection in a fall or impact situation.

Thesehand guardswill not work with our ThrottleLock or any other similar cruise control device.


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